XT1 Ratchet 25 Pack

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The most versatile wire strainer

  • 2 plane ramp for the guidance of wire onto the spool
  • Frame with locking notch for improved performance and strainer integrity
  • Galvanised reinforced frame and spring clip providing corrosion protection
  • Wire Capture Lug for straining existing wires
  • 11 tooth spool for finer control of wire tension
  • Proudly NZ Made
  • 25 Pack

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An oval / elliptical hole in the spool axle accommodates all common fence wire sizes, whilst providing the option to join two 2.5mm wires in the spool without the need to tie a knot. The oval hole also ensures the wires are located in a particular orientation, side by side, with respect to one another and in relation to the axis of the spool axle, whilst retaining the cross-sectional area and subsequent strength of that provided by the minor dimension of the oval.
Wire Strainer with Lug and Two Plane Ramp.
The lug provides a mechanism to utilize the strainer in an inline option without cutting the wire to thread through the frame. The addition of a lug with a two-plane guide ramp on the spool provides a mechanism to effectively deflect the wire from riding up over the lug feature. (A single plane ramp as seen on other strainers does not provide a consistently effective means to deflect the wire).
Wire Strainer with Spring Locking Notch.
Locking notch in the frame of the wire strainer whereby the locking notch houses therein a portion of the spring such that the teeth of the spool force the spring into the locking notches in order to lock and prevent the spool from rotating in a particular direction when the wire strainer is under strained tension thus locking the spring to frame which in turn provides rigidity to the wire strainer by preventing the spring and the spool from disengaging from the frame. Also effectively provides a locking mechanism securing the frame together when the strainer is used inline, without the wire tied to the frame. When other inline strainers are used without the wire tied to the frame can have the tendency to splay apart allowing the clip and or spool to disengage causing loss of wire tension.
Spool with 11 teeth.
The new spool has 11 teeth as opposed to other similar existing products with 10 teeth. 11 tooth spool is compact and allows for finer adjustment increments, facilitating the attainment of optimal wire tensions.
Wire Strainer with Wire Guide in Rear of Yoke.
The purpose of the wire guide is to assist the wire onto and in association with the lug/two plane ramp; it orientates the wire on the correct side of the wire strainer. It guides the wire during straining and keeps the strainer frame in line with the wire, thus reducing the tendency for the strainer to twist out of line during in-line straining.
“Y” shaped Strengthening Ribs on the Frame.
Provides rigidity to the frame when under tension. The shape allows for a continuous rib, whilst also allowing clearance for the wire spring clip

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can an XT1 Ratchet Strainer be used to tension barbed wire?
A: Yes, but you will need to cut the barbs out.