Strainrite PETSTOP DIY Electric Fence Kit

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Strainrite Petstop Pet-Friendly Electric Fence DIY Kit is a 25 metre complete fence kit.


The PETSTOP Kit is the perfect solution to keep your pets away from flower beds or refuse areas.
Inside this box is a complete low-power DIY electrified fence kit which, once installed, delivers a harmless electric shock that is safe to use and usually well remembered.
You can also install the system on top of a fence line or a wall to keep pets inside or out or cordon off fruit trees to fend off possums.


1 x Pet Energizer
1 x 3W Solar Panel
1 x Earth Stake
1 x Earth Cable
1 x Warning Sign
1 x 12v 2Ah Battery
1 x Mounting System
1 x 200m Polywire
8 x Fibre glass Rods
24 x Spring Clips
2 x Phillips Screws


25 metre range
Power Supply 12 V battery (10 V to 15 V)
Current consumption 0.045 A
Output Energy(max) 0.3 J
Maximum Fence Voltage 7 Kv
Environmental rating IP 65
Solar panel 12 V / 3 W

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 9 × 26 × 87 cm