Strainrite Agri 50 Energizer

$690.69 inc. GST

  • Up to 50km
  • Output energy 4.6J
  • Stored Energy 6.5J
  • Max Voltage 9kV
  • 32 hectares / 80 acres


  • APT: Adaptive Power Technology
  • Powers up to 50km of fence
  • Robust weather-resistant system
  • Battery charge state indicator
  • Energizer overload indicator
  • Day/night sensor
  • Powered by battery (sold separately)
  • Mains power adaptor (included)
  • Adaptable mounting options (wall, fence wire, wooden post and slides onto Y-picket post)
  • Lightning protection
  • Many programmable options via the LCD handheld remote (optional accessory, sold separately) including adjustment of fence voltage and pulse rate, independent day/night setting, battery voltage reporting and fence performance monitoring

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The latest energizer range from Strainrite includes a unique APT or Adaptive Power Technology included in marked energizers.

When a fault occurs on your fence lines, such as an animal or cracked insulators. Common energizers increase power to try and overcome the fault, which can further damage the fence or short out completely rendering the electric fence useless. The APT clever feature detects the fault, such as a cracked insulator and lowers the power of the energizer enough to bypass the fault and keep your remainder of the fence live and continue to test the fault before returning to normal operation.

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