Solcor Electric Bungee Cord – 100M

$534.62 inc. GST

  • Premium Solcor bungee shock cord impervious to UV, salt water/air, petroleum products and most caustic chemicals
  • Solid formulated rubber core, UV stabilised for maximum performance and long service life
  • Tightly braided UV stabilised polyester outer cover with 4 x 0.25mm stainless steel wires.
  • Breaking strain: 96KG stretch at break 2.5m max – manual stretch 1m to 1.85m
  • New Zealand Made

Gate Break Assembly Brochure

Superior to all other bungee cords available.
WHY? Unlike traditional bungee cord with multifilament natural
rubber cores that perish and break down rapidly when exposed to the
elements, Strainrite Solcor Bungee has a unique solid core made of
specially formulated UV protected rubber. Covered in a tightly braided
sheath with 4.0 x 0.25mm stainless steel wires & 1000 denier polyester
fabric pre-treated with a UV inhibitor to provide a barrier of protection
In short. Built to last & to perform in harsh environments.

Quality New Zealand Made Electric Bungee Cord, Solid Core Shock Cord© Braided with four stainless steel wires. UV stabilized polyester cover and UV ozone and salt water resistant 8mm solid rubber polymer core.
A premium quality industrial strength Bungee Cord.
Available in 50M and 100M coils,
Colour white with red fleck
Solcor Electric Bungee Cord is included in all Strainrite Hot Wire Bungee Gate Break Kits.

Note: 8mm cord is used in conjunction with the Solcor Flushing Valve to control the expansion and contraction of dripline irrigation.

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