Post Puller Chain – 2M

$206.59 inc. GST

  • Easily Uplifts Wood Posts & Steel Posts
  • Can be attached to digger buckets
  • Heavy Duty Tested 10mm Passivated Chain
  • Chain length 2M

1M chain Also available (see FPO00200)

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The Strainrite Post Puller Chain is the ideal solution for easily uplifting well driven Steel Posts and Wooden Fence Posts. The Post Puller Chain can be easily attached to a digger or bulldozer bucket when required. It features Heavy duty quality tested 10mm passivated chain. The grab plate is manufactured from high quality wear resistant Bisalloy. Available in 2 Chain sizes – 1M (FPO00200) and 2M (FPO00210).
Frequently Asked Questions
1.What are the exact specifications of the chain?
The Chain used in the post puller Chain is high tensile, Zinc G70, 10mm thick chain. The chain is coated with gold passivate.