Multiwire Treadin Post – White – Box of 50

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  • Unique angled clip prevents unintentional tape detachment
  • 4 position level options for 40mm/1 1/2″ tape
  • 8 positions for Polywire, Polytape & Braid
  • Overall Length 1100mm – Length from base of foot 915mm
  • Box of 50

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The Strainrite Multi-Wire Tread-In Post features an arrowhead-shaped foot wedge design for optimum ground holding performance.

Tests have shown that the arrowhead-shaped foot on the new Strainrite Multi-wire Tread-in Post has superior ground holding in comparison to its competitors.

Also, an angled clip design reduces unintentional tape detachment, preventing hot tape falling out of the retention clips.

The new post has eight height position options for polywire, polytape and braid and four height position options for 40mm / 1 _ Ò hot tape.

The Multi-Wire Tread-In is made from, UV stabilised, impact resistant polymers, with an ÒIÓ beam structural section and galvanised spring steel centre pin for strength and longevity.