Fencing Spade – Long Handle

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  • 1425mm total length
  • Bisalloy Steel with a straight cutting edge
  • Shock absorbing ergonomic comfort grip
  • Spade Head Width 170mm
  • Spade Head Height 210mm
  • Made in New Zealand

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Tough quality steel. A high tensile inner tube in the base of the shaft for superior strength. Slightly cupped Bisalloy Steel blade for lifting the dirt out of the hole, still allowing for a straight cutting edge. High-impact handle yoke. Shock absorbing ergonomic rubber grip for comfort. 1425mm total length. The Short and Long Handle Fencing Spade both have a spade head width of 170mm, and a spade head height of 210mm.
Frequently Asked Questions
1) I was at my local farm store recently and I noticed that Strainrite offer 2 very similar fencing spade models – the Short/long handle RED fencing spade, and the BLACK short/long handle “Ace Of Spades”. What is the difference between the two?
A1) One key difference between the Ace Of Spades and the Red Fencing spades is the spade mouth. The Red Fencing Spade has a square mouth, whilst the Ace of spades has a slightly rounded spade mouth.
A2) The Red Fencing Spade features a replaceable ergonomic handle grip – the ergonomic grip assists in absorbing shock while digging, making it easy on the operator’s hands. The Ace of spades features a solid, rounded grip handle. Due to customer feedback, we have learned that there is a preference for both solid grips and ergonomic grips within the industry.
A3) The Ace of Spades is slightly heavier than the Red Fencing spade. You can check the weight specifications for the spades by clicking on the “part.no” descriptor tabs under each product.