Flood Isolator

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  • Reduces power loss when flood water contacts the electric fence line
  • Eliminates fence short outs.
  • Sealed from insect and water damage

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Various designs of floodgates can be used. Below is an effective system.
All floodgates should incorporate a flood / short isolator. This stops the main fence
Shorting out when water contacts the lower part of the fence.
Hanging wire or chain etc, should be 150 mm above the normal water or ground level.
Flood / short isolators can be used between the bottom and the above live wires,
when green grass etc touches the bottom wire – the above wires do not loose power.
NOTE Use wire joint clamps on all wire connections.
1 – earth wire also takes fence strain over creek
2 – flood isolator supplies pulses to hung wire, chain or mesh
3 – wire, chain or mesh hang to supply shock to animals
4 – heavy support cable – insulated both ends
5 – underground or insulated cable
6 – end insulators