EzePull 4in1 Fencing Tool

$403.19 inc. GST

The original EzePull fencing tool for staple pulling, wire cutting, wire stripping and wire joining.

  • Hardened cutlery grade steel jaws
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Comfortable rubber grips
  • Strong double action with over-centre lever for superior strength crimps

Compatible with Strainrite Crimp sleeves ONLY

  • 2.50mm Crimp Sleeves Only

Note: Using 3rd party crimp sleeves will void your tools warranty


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The original EzePull Fencing Tool for staple pulling, wire cutting, wire stripping, and joining wire. Hardened cutlery grade stainless steel jaws, lightweight and compact handles, comfortable rubber grips, and strong double action with an overcentre lever for superior strength crimps. Joins wire with 2.5mm crimps only.