ELVEX PROGUARD CU-25 Professional Forestry safety helmet

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  • ProGuard™ Loggers Safety Caps
  • All Elvex ProGuard™ systems are available in dielectric as well as ventilated models. The dielectric models should be used where the user may come in contact with electrical lines. The ventilated models may be used in outdoor situations where no electrical hazards exist. Dielectric models have a nylon screen face shield, while the ventilated models have a steel mesh face shield. Elvex ProGuard Loggers Safety Cap is a uniquely integrated system, which provides protection for head, face and hearing in a workable and practical solution. Both the hearing and face protection can be conveniently flipped up and out of the way. Elvex offers several different ProGuard systems, based on different configuration of safety helmets, earmuffs and face shields.
  • Description & features: ProGuard, orange, 6-pt pin lock adjustable suspension cap, black muff, (24 NRR), visor bracket, nylon mesh visor

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