Duratop Pigtails 6mmx940mm – Bundle of 10

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  • The Dura-top head is designed to reduce tangling & eliminate wear
  • Uniquely designed hot dipped galvanised pressed steel foot
  • Solves common failures related to pigtail posts
  • Revolutionary new pigtail range

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Renowned for their innovation, Strainrite Fencing Systems designs and builds an extensive range of fencing tools and equipment. Always looking for ways to improve the user experience, Strainrite have now taken the electric fence pigtail post to a whole new level.
Get ready for a post, with superior flexibility and a much longer life. This new product increases on-farm efficiency by saving time and money. Gone are the days of replacing lots of bent, broken or rusty posts every year.
Brandon Given, who farms cattle and sheep on 430ha near Raglan, has been using the new Dura-top Pigtail posts for over a year, and says, ÒIt used to be really time-consuming and frustrating having to replace broken ones all the time Ð but thatÕs a thing of the past now.Ó
The Dura-top Pigtail post is engineered to reduce tangling during use and storage. This also means it is more efficient to install, and offers maximum resistance to wear. ÒIf you had asked me two years ago if you could improve the pigtail, I would have said No!Ó, says Strainrite director Maurice Wooster, ÒBut, here we are with a new family of pigtails.Ó
ÒItÕs not just an improvement, adds Maurice, Òthe Dura-top range resolves all the common issues related to pigtails.Ó
StrainriteÕs unique and proven hot dipped galvanised pressed steel foot design, offers superior strength and a great hold in the ground.
Plus, the high strength glass fibre reinforced insulator coupling not only insulates the top steel loop from the shank but also doubles as a convenient handle to move when the temporary fence is live.
ÒThese new Dura-top post handles are still in great condition, even after being out in the elements for a good while now.Ó Brandon also says.
The galvanised spring steel shaft offers enhanced corrosion protection, increased durability and greater bend resistance. The Dura-top is available in 6mm or 7mm shaft thickness.
The Dura-top Pigtail is 100% New Zealand designed and manufactured, ensuring leading edge technology and premium quality in every post.
The Hotpost Multiwire Tread-in, is another Dura-top product innovation, the new spring steel clips donÕt wear and break like most plastic clip types available. Any break in the braid the electrical current will drop down the post and circulate to the other side keeping your fence live.
Strainrite Fencing Systems are renowned for quality fencing products built to the requirements of the farming sector. With a focus on product development and innovation, Strainrite Fencing Systems listen to the market, and deliver market leading fencing products that withstand the tough and demanding farming elements.