BX18 Battery 2.5km Energizer

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Portable and convenient battery powered energizer

Strip Grazer
The BX18 Energizer is portable for easy use. Ideal for strip grazing up to 2.5km it can hang on a fence line or stand

Battery Powered & Tough
Operates from either internal 4 x D-cell batteries or
1 x 6v lantern battery internal or 12v battery external
(Batteries not included)
Unique UV stabilised hanging case designed to withstand all weather types.

Strainrite Quality
Superior international engineering—manufactured across Germany and the UK to meet Strainrite’s premium quality standards for NZ conditions.

  • Input voltage 6-12vDC
  • Stored Energy 0.18J
  • Output Energy 0.12J
  • Output Voltage 10kv max
  • Distance up to 2.5km

Safety Advice


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The BX320 Battery Powered Energiser is a powerful 12v energiser with dual level output, delivering maximum convenience and flexibity for a wide range of fencing needs