Bungee Cord Adjustable Plastic Extender – Bag of 10

$26.90 inc. GST

  • Made from 6 Nylon for UV Protection
  • For use with Bungee Cord products up to 10mm
  • Pack of 10
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Bungee connector for use with our Solcor Electric Bungee Cord and Shock Cord
Joins shock cord and creates fixed and running loops
Adjustable Extender Installation Instructions
Slide fitting over whip end and Solcor cord to the desired position.
Sharply tug free end at right angles down into the tapered slot. The Solcor cord is now fixed firmly in length.
To move fitting to a new position, simply straighten the cord and pull out of the slot. Reposition fitting and jam the Solcor cord again.