4mm White Bayco Wire 50m

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  • High Density, High Visibility Fence Wire
  • 50 Metres Per Reel
  • Polymer Mono-Filament – contains no metal
  • 4.00mm diameter with an approximate breaking strain of 316kg
  • Used for vertical ladder wires on irrigation crossing points
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Bayco wire is a High density & high visibility fence wire. It is perfect for horse fencing, and stretches under impact, minimizing potential injuries. It is used with the Strainrite Sureflex Irrigator Spring systems for vertical ladder wires on centre pivot irrigator crossing points. Resistant to extreme temperatures, sunlight, crop chemicals and organic solvents, Bayco wire is virtually maintenance free. Bayco Wire is a polymer monofilament Wire and contains no metal. Does not conduct electricity, resists rust, and has no sharp edges.
Wire Diameter – 4.0mm
Breaking Strain – 316kg
Hank Wire Length – 50m
Material – polymer mono-filament
Helpful Hints:
Keep sharp & serrated instruments, such as most pliers, away from the wire. Use plastic coated hooks and staples or use a short piece of plastic tubing or some plastic electricians tape to protect the wire from rubbing against steel. Avoid extremely sharp bends. Tie tight and concise knots. Use wire-clamps with long and smooth jaws.

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