Crimp Sleeves 3.15mm – Container of 1000

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  • Genuine NZ made 3.15mm Wire Crimp Sleeves
  • Water Resistant Grit Adhesive for all weather application
  • For use on 3.15mm or 10 gauge and 1.6mm High Tensile Barbed Wire
  • Container of 1000

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For use on ¬2.50mm to 3.15mm (12 _ to 10 gauge) fencing wire. Crimp 4-5 times with EzeCrimp or UltraCrimp fencing tool to ensure joint strength. Crimp from one end overlapping each crimp to eliminate shoulders. Water resistant grit adhesive for all weather application.
Frequently Asked Questions
Question 1: I have been told that the strainrite crimp is not as strong as other competitor brand crimp sleeves. Is this true?
Question 2: Fencing tests in Australia on a competitor brand of crimp sleeves proved that the crimps are stronger than the actual wire when it comes to destructive testing. Are Strainrite crimp sleeves just as strong and is there any technical data supporting this?
Answer 1-2: Chris Johnstone was the first to develop the gritted aluminium crimp sleeve which is supplied by Strainrite Fencing Systems today. Approximately 20 years ago, before Strainrite Fencing Systems was the exclusive supplier of the Johnstone Crimp sleeve and tool range, these were sold by another well-known company under a different brand name. Unfortunately, competitors saw fit to make off-shore copies of the johnstone products & produced their own range of similarly named crimp tools and sleeves. Strainrite Ezepull tools and crimp sleeves are still manufactured in Hamilton, N.Z. and they are now sold exclusively under the Strainrite brand name.
Chris Johnstone, the inventor of the Ezepull tool and crimp sleeve range spends hours and hours at the National Fieldays in Hamiton every year demonstrating the strength of Strainrite crimp sleeves on high tensile wire using a tensile testing machine. The crimp join exceeds the strength of the wire and we would not be doing this test in public if we were not confident of the result (the wire breaks, not the crimp). We test competitor sleeves often and they do exceed the strength of the wire as claimed (thankfully as it would discredit the whole concept if they did not) but on a one bite joint our sleeves inevitably pull at a higher test than competitor sleeves due to the superior grit we use Ð please note most importantly that our Strainrite crimp sleeves and tools are made in NZ, not China as some competitor sleeves are (you’ll find it written on the jar label). Our competitors do not demonstrate their sleeves in public like we do.
Q: I saw some crimp tools from another company that look similar to the Strainrite Genuine NZ Made Ezepull Crimping tools. Can I use strainrite crimp sleeves with those other competitor brand crimping tools and make strong joins?
A: We do not recommend using our sleeves with competitor tools. We cannot guarantee them to exceed breaking strain unless used with genuine NZ made Strainrite branded Ezepull tools.