Top Fix 250mm Pigtail Outriggers – Bundle of 10

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  • Designed to reduce tangling during use & storage
  • UV stabilized wear resistant loop top – no shorting, no sharp edges reducing chafing on polywire & tape
  • Bend resistant galvanized spring steel shaft with press formed steel foot provides optimal strength & ground holding performance
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The Tangle Free Pigtail Post is specifically designed to reduce tangling during use & storage enabling more efficient fence installation – has been developed by Strainrite to offer farmers more choice across the diverse range of pigtail standard

With advancements in both design and manufacturing technology, Strainrite has refined and improved an old concept to produce the new ÒTangle FreeÓ Standard, General Manager Brian Collins says ÒWe see no reason for this product to replace tradition pigtail standards that have proven themselves effective in the industry for many years. WeÕre simply offering more choice to farmersÓ.
Available in three sizes: 7mm heavy duty, 6mm lite and 6mm long, the ÒTangle FreeÓ Pigtail Standard offers unprecedented performance, ease of use and flexibility in fencing solutions.
Included in this product is the exceptional performance features of StrainriteÕs flagship Heavy Duty ÔGold FootÕ Standard.
The ÒTangle FreeÓ standard incorporates a specially moulded ÔPigtail loopÕ insulator with no internal wire, eliminating any potential for electrical shorts created by insulators wearing through. ItÕs made from high strength, wear-resistant polymer, UV stabilised to endure New ZealandÕs harsh environment. The ÔPigtail loopÕ is designed for ease of polywire/tape application, while also reducing the likelihood of polywire /tape falling out when moving your fence line.
The design also addresses frustrations users experience with some products on the market, where pigtail ÔheadsÕ can loop around the shaft of another adjacent standard. The design shape along with a narrower tape opening on the ÒTangle FreeÓ prevents this from occurring. The rounded mould form of the insulator Ð is designed with no sharp edges Ð minimising potential to cause chafing to polywire or fence tape. Combined, these features provide greater efficiency, durability and hassle-free fence installation.
The ÒTangle FreeÓ standard also utilises bend resistant galvanised spring steel shafts with StrainriteÕs signature design, hot dip galvanised press formed foot. Offering superior strength and bend resistance to other steel or plastic feet.
The product provides exceptional ground holding performance, enabling resistance to twisting, even with minimal ground engagement as can be encountered in some areas with particularly hard ground conditions.
Managing Director Maurice Wooster says ÒThe concept of a loop top pigtail without the traditional tail have been around for many years, one such example was introduced by Speedrite over 20 years agoÓ.
ÒWe listened to users across the country, and then looked at how we could develop a pigtail standard that reduced tangling, yet still offered unsurpassed performance. It was important to us that we didnÕt take any shortcuts in delivering farmers a product that offered superior performance across the boardÓ.