Bungee Gate Break Kit 11M

$63.03 inc. GST

  • Orange Brianex Bungee Gate Break Handle
  • 8M Solcor Electric Bungee Cord for up to 11M gateways
  • Electric fence Activator & Termination End
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Gate Break Handle:
Made right here in Wellington NZ.
Durable and pliable this Gate Break Handle range can withstand being dropped or trampled by stock due to the high performance UV stabilised material. The extended cuff is designed to protect you from electrical shock and the contoured grip made for comfort.
This versatile handle can be used as a spring gate, tape gate, or bungee gate.

Joule Shieldª Insulator:
Recently up-spec design with greater strength. Independent testing confirms 75% higher insulation performance than other major brands. Termination End Insulator – Includes stainless steel bolt and nyloc nut

Activator Plate:
Galvanised Activator Plate – Designed with a larger locating ring to hook on with ease.
The Strainrite Activator has multiple hook up options. Simply hook and your underground cable to the Activator plate and clamp.

Strainrite Solcorª Electrical Bungee Cord.
Superior to all other bungee cords available.
WHY? Unlike traditional bungee cord with multi filament natural rubber cores that perish and breakdown rapidly when exposed to the elements, Strainrite Solcorª Bungee has a unique solid core made of specially formulated UV protected rubber.
Covered in a tightly braided UV stabilized sheath with 4.0 x 0.25mm stainless steel wires & 1000 denier polyester fabric pre-treated with a UV inhibitor to provide a barrier of protection
á Premium Solcorª bungee shock cord impervious to UV, salt water/air, petroleum products and most caustic chemicals
á Breaking strain: 96KG stretch at break 2.5m max – manual stretch 1m to 1.85m
á New Zealand Made
Brianexª Bungee Connectors:
Strainrite Brianexª Bungee Connector is made from highly conductive aluminium, designed to be non-chaffing and adjustable. No crimping required

In short. Built to last and to perform in harsh environments.